Welcome Letter

Dear Parents:

Hello! My name is Kasey West and I want to welcome you and your child to 3rd Grade! I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year! During the first week your child and I will be getting to know one another, they will become acquainted with the classroom, and learn the routines and procedures of 3rd grade. I know we’re going to have a great year!

Snack/Gum & Water Bottles

Students are allowed to have snacks or chew gum throughout the day as long as it does not interfere with learning or distract other students. Please try to send in a nutritious option for your child daily and refrain from sugary or chocolate snacks. If your child would like to bring a water bottle, please have them bring one with a lid. They may fill it before the morning announcements and at lunch. Although our room has a fountain, having a water bottle available at their desks for after recess is strongly encouraged. We do not have enough time to have water fountain breaks between instruction segments. Please note that if any of these things become a problem for your child, the privilege will be revoked.

Homework & Communication

Generally, homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Your child will be responsible for writing down, keeping up with, and bringing home their homework. It is to be completed and returned to school the next day unless otherwise noted. We primarily focus on math and reading practice. In 3rd grade, students use an Agenda to keep track of homework assignments, important dates, upcoming due dates, and the specials schedule. We have a designated time at the end of the day for students to fill out their agendas.

Your child will also have a Red Friday Folder for communication, corrected papers, and all other important information from our class or the school. A weekly Progress Report will also be kept in this folder for you to review and sign every weekend. Friday Folders should be reviewed, signed, and returned to school on the following Monday. I have also set up a Remind 101 account for our class and encourage you to join. Just follow the link https://remind.com/join/8ggb62. Everything on Remind is set up through e-mail, but alerts your phone in a text message fashion. It’s great for last minute reminders about picture days, class activities, field day, etc. The best way to contact me is via a written note or e-mail at Kasey.West@cobbk12.org. I feel that open communication is very important in your child’s learning and success. I greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping me keep up continuous and positive communication between school and home!

Class Rules & Behavior System

I like to think that my students and I have a lot of fun in the classroom while learning and exploring together. I encourage your child to be curious, inquisitive, and open-minded with his/her learning. Your child will be challenged and encouraged by myself, and his/her classmates. We are a T.E.A.M. and take that acronym seriously – Together, Everyone Achieves More!

Great success does not come without guidance. I like to keep things structured and have high expectations of my students. However, I will be the first person to celebrate your child’s successes in our class! Our classroom rules will be established as a class within the first few days of school. I feel is it important for students to be a part of the process and it gives them ownership of the expectations placed upon them. I expect my students to exhibit respectful behavior toward themselves, their classmates, and me. Your child’s behavior will be documented on a chart in their Friday Folders weekly. In the event your child has a particularly difficult day where constant redirections are needed or their behavior is extremely unacceptable, I will contact you directly at the end of the day. Please plan on discussing the incident with your child and encourage him/her to try and make better choices in the future, or to communicate with me what he/she needs to help them make good choices.


It is very important to notify us IN WRITING if your child has a change in transportation. Students are NOT allowed to ride a different car or bus without WRITTEN PERMISSION. Changes in transportation CANNOT be changed via e-mail or text. An actual note must be sent in with your child with your signature. This is a school policy and is for your child’s safety.

Please feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have. I know this is a lot of information! J

Again, welcome to our classroom family! I am honored to be your child’s teacher and will do everything I can to help him/her succeed. I am really looking forward to the year ahead!


Mrs. West